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If you would like to combine your accomodation with relaxing boat trips and hiking, we have the best package for you!! In co-operation with the local guide of "EcoTourism Karpathos" we will offer you an unforgettable experiece!!

Excursions by boat "NIKOS"

Join our tourist boat and captain Nikos will drive you to all the nearby beaches .Starting every day from Diafani at 10:00 and returning at 18:00 you can relax and enjoy the sun and the sea.

Moving north from Diafani, still on the island of Karpathos we will have a stop in the sea cave in "Troulakas" . After that , there are two possible destinations: The island Saria or Tristomo and Vroukounta.

Excursion 1: Saria

Saria is an isolated island on the northern side of Karpathos. There are two amazing beaches that we will visit. The first is the beach “Palatia”, where we will spend most of the the day . "Pa;atia" in Greek means Palaces and it's called so because of the palaces that were placed there.

In "Palatia" we will heve lunch too. Captain Nikos is doing barbeque (meatballs) , salads and drinks. In case you want to join it, we should know it in advance.

Our final stop is the small beach “Alimounta” , which lies on the northern side of Saria.

For the friends who enjoy hiking there are two paths that they can follow: The first goes all through the island of Saria, and the second and shorter one ends on the top of the mountain , in the location named “Argos”. For more information about the paths, ask Captain Nikos Orfanos.

Excursion 2: Tristomo and Vroukounda

Tristomo and Vroukounda both lie on the western side of the island of Karpathos. Tristomo is not only a small lovely village but also a natural port. It's the safest place for the boats during winter. Till 2015 Tristomo had 2 inhabitants who have lived their whole life there!

Next Stop is the ancient city "Vroukounda" (Vrykous), from which Olympos was founded and where the cave-church of St. John is situated.  Captain Nikos will tell you the story of the two places in details .

In Vroukounda we will have our lunch. Captain Nikos will prepare barbeque (meatballs), salads and drinks. In case you want to join it, we should know it in advance!

Excursion 3: Southern Beaches

There are many nice beaches southern from Diafani. The beaches we usually vsit are : Papa-Minas, Kantri, Opsi, Forokli, Kapi, Nati, Agios Minas and Lala.

Most of them have stones, some of them sand and others have them both. All of these beaches are isolated and non-organized, so when you get there you should be have got food, water and any other equipment you might need. There are canes and trees making nice shadow though. The only exception is Agios Minas where you can find small restaurants.

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